Superfruits are tasty and rich in nutrients and antioxidants that
fight against free radicals. They are gaining increasing importance
in the world market. Its various nutritional benefits help in the health,
well-being and prevention of some diseases.


Positive health effects of blueberries consumption have been attributed
especially to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential.


Do you know what a
freeze-dried superfruit is?

A superfruit represents health and high nutritional value. When freeze-dried, it reflects naturalness and preservation of its bioactive properties.

The process begins by selecting suppliers, who must ensure the quality of the raw materials. When they arrive at Liotécnica, after analysis, they are carefully prepared to be subjected to freeze-drying, a drying method that preserves color, taste, aroma, and texture of food. This method ensures that the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that make up the nutritional content of the fruits remain intact.

At no stage of the process, artificial additives are used, which guarantees the delivery of a versatile ingredient with conserved sensory benefits and of great nutritional importance.


Application possibilities

There are numerous possibilities of application of freeze-dried superfruits, which allow dye and artificial flavors free formulations and clean label just as the market demands. Freeze-dried ingredients are applied in several segments: supplements, snacks, cookies, cereal bars, shakes, biscuits, desserts and others. They can be purchased in different formats, such as granulated or powder, always preserving the sensory and nutritional characteristics of fresh fruit. In addition the freeze-drying process increases the shelf life of the food, allowing the continuity of the standardized application and making storage and transport safer.

Our product with your brand

That’s right! You can acquire the pure product and develop your brand or allow Liotecnica to act as a co-packer, making the packaging process so that you make it available to the market with your brand. What we offer is quality in products and services, so we are the ideal partner that guarantees profitability, productivity and safety for your business!

About us

The Liotécnica

With more than 50 years of history, Liotecnica is a 100% Brazilian company, with 3 factories located in Sao Paulo, in strategic logistics places. Its mission is to offer the best solutions in dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients, minimally processed and with sensorial and nutritional characteristics preserved.

Pioneering, innovation and technology guide the actions of the company in its day to day and reaffirm the commitment with employees, suppliers, and mainly with our greatest asset, the CUSTOMER.

Constantly investing in technology and always striving for excellence in quality combined with a high professional qualification, Liotecnica stands out in the market as a solid company with social and environmental responsibility and that serves the most diverse segments of the market and large global clients, that, like Liotecnica, value transparency, agility and results in all stages of the process.


It is considered the best form of food preservation, freeze-drying is the drying technique in which foods are minimally processed and have their characteristics maintained. The process preserves color, flavor, aroma, texture and appearance of food and extends the variety of product applications.

The Process

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